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I Love My LBI Home

Two wonderful homes in Ship Bottom: 1) Bay side home: One block to the Ocean with a View of the Bay. 2) Ocean Block home: Only 5 houses to the Beach
2 Great LBI Summer Homes
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Bay Side Home FAQs
Ocean Blk:Pics & Amenitie
Ocean Blk Calendar/Rates
Ocean Block Home FAQs
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FAQs for our Ocean Block Home

·      Exactly how far are you from the beach?
·      How soon do I need to make my reservations?
·      What's there to do on LBI? Is it kid friendly?
·      How many parking spots are available for this home?
·      Do your guests like this home?
·      My dog is extremely well behaved, why can't I bring him along?
·      My mother may be visiting, does she have to worry about lots of steps?

·      I love your house! But the week I want is already taken. Do you own any other properties on LBI?


Q: Exactly how far are you from the beach?
A:We are 5 houses to the ocean. That's all! There are no roads to cross.

Q: How soon do I need to make my reservations?
A: LBI grows more popular each year with visitors from the Jersey mainland, New York, the Philadelphia area, central PA, Ohio and Canada!  While I have received inquiries as early as a year in advance, I've noticed that many returning LBI visitors make their final arrangements in December through February for the coming summer.

Has your vacation week already been taken?

It's never too early to start thinking about next summer. If you'd like to be on my Early Reminder Email list for the upcoming season, please send me an email now. Note: Until a contract is issued, this is not a guarantee of reservations.

Q: What's there to do on Long Beach Island?
A: LBI is a wonderful place for your family to visit. As so many families choose come back year after year, the island has lots to offer everyone of every age.  To read more about it, please see my LBI: Learn More About It page.

Q: How many parking spots are there?
A: Four. The upper level family can park 2 to 3 cars along the driveway area between our home and the next door neighbors, on the ocean side of the home. Please park as close to our home as possible. The lower level family has two parking spots directly in front of our home.

Q: Do your guests like this home?
A: Yes, they do! We have returning families who have been staying at this home for the past 20 summers! They love the location and the neighborhood.

Q: Our dog is extremely well behaved, why can't we bring him along?
A: As pet owners (cat and dog), we understand how hard it is to leave certain family members behind. However, in consideration of our guests who suffer from allergies, we want to insure that this home is as comfortable and as clean as possible. After all, everyone deserves to have an enjoyable vacation. We can provide numbers for local vets, boarding kennels, and even, our favorite groomer! 
If you'd like a list of pet friendly vacation rental sites with LBI homes, I've already done the research, so feel free please contact me.

Q: Does my mother need to worry about steps with this home?

A: Possibly. It depends on the level you have selected. The lower level is ideal for those who have trouble with steps as there are only 5 steps to enter the home.  If you are staying on  the upper level, you need to take a flight of stairs, on the side of the house,  to enter the home. Please keep this in mind if you are traveling with very small children, this may be consideration.

Q: I love your house! But the week I want is already taken, do you own any other LBI properties?
A:  Have you checked our availability calendar for our bay side home in Ship Bottom?


Additional questions? Please call (609) 978-1838.

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All pictures on this site are of our Ship Bottom home.
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